Your baby skin is just a click away!

Who does not want to look young? The beauty dealer has the most effective stem cell growth factors for you.

Your personality shines when your skin glows! Compromising on a skincare routine is the most foolish decision. Not just girls even boys should follow a good skincare routine at least after a certain age.

Skin cells are the wellspring of the new cells found in the diverse dermal layers. After some time, their multiplication slows down: the skin loses its ability for recharging, prompting a deficiency of tone and the development of profound wrinkles. Stem Cell growth factor is a cosmeceutical line with high groupings of plant stem cells intended to battle the full stop in cell recovery, reinforcing the skin’s tissue structure and improving skin quality and surface.

How they work?

The Beauty Dealer’s stem cell growth factors and cytokines are of the top notch quality which is tested for bioactivity and have reduced levels of endotoxins that makes them perfect for your research of cell culture. Our stem cell growth factors are expressed in both mammalian and E.coli systems which gives you the chance to see what works for your cells the best. The Beauty Dealers also offer animal component free products for your research. Moreover, we provide a complete package of stem cell growth factors that includes neurotrophic factors proved in the system of stem cell.

Why Choose Us

The market is full of sellers dealing in Stem cell growth factor, but it is wise to go for a trusted name. For us, customer experience is of utmost importance, rest all things come after that.

We provide the best quality products at prices that will not show a significant effect on your pocket.

We know how difficult it is to keep patience once you have placed an online order. Keeping this impatient nature of customers in mind, we have made our delivery process quite speedy.

Why you should have it?

Getting radiant and baby skin has never been this easy!

Stem growth cell factors are unique cell signaling molecules that play an integral part in the proliferation and development of cells. It’s a proven fact that cell cultures can enormously benefit from the use of high quality and pure proteins

To ensure the premium quality of our stem growth cell factors our experts have designed Gibco growth factors with

  • Improved biological functioning- better results with less protein
  • Enhanced purity- reduced interference from other contaminants or proteins
  • Proven compatibility- Gibco proteins bio-evaluated with media of Gibco.

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